Unified Messaging and Unified Communications

Easy to use and cost-effective with outstanding digital quality! Unified Messaging and Unified Communications enable you to combine all your important communications under one phone number. Four different levels are available so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Provides traditional voice mail services and more.

One Number Access

Centuri Messaging provides you with your own personal local telephone number. You are encouraged to publish this number on your business cards, in your ads, or on any other marketing tool, you use. An optional 1-800 toll free number can be added for toll free calling.

Multiple Greetings

You can record multiple greetings for each mailbox. Each greeting can be independently scheduled to play depending on day-of-the-week, time-of-day or by holiday.

Call Screening

This optional feature allows you to know who is calling before you accept the call. When a caller chooses to connect to you, he is asked Who may I ask is calling? When you receive the call, it plays the callers name and gives you the option to accept the call (press 1) or send the caller to voice-mail (press 2). If for some reason you are unable to hear the callers name, (press 7) and the system will repeat it. If you (press 2) and send the caller to voice mail, the caller then has the option of remaining on hold or to leave a message. If they choose to hold, then after 30 seconds the call is attempted once again.

Find-Me / Follow-Me Forwarding

This feature allows you to receive your calls at the telephone numbers that YOU choose. For example, your find-me/follow-me can be setup to call your office line first. If you do not answer it then the service will dial your cell phone. This way you do not have to pay for incoming cell phone calls if you are setting at your desk with a landline available. This feature alone can save you the cost of the service!

With the ability to configure up to (6) separate phone numbers, you are ensured that you will not miss any calls, unless of course, you choose to. This option is fully configurable via web access..


There are several different times a caller may be placed on-hold. The majority of times a caller is placed on-hold while the service is attempting to locate you. When this happens, the service will play music while the caller is on-hold (it should be noted that each subscriber can have their own music or talking ad). The caller can also be placed on-hold anytime during a conversation by (pressing 4).

Send Caller to Voice Mail

Like the on-hold feature, you can send your caller to voice mail anytime during a conversation by (press 8). This is very useful when you are unable to take detailed information that you need to write down. Just (press 8 ) and the caller is sent to voice mail where they can leave the detailed information, which you can pick-up when it is convenient for you

Voice Messaging

Centuri Messaging voice mail has all the normal features with which you are familiar. Callers leave messages and you can retrieve them as with any other voice mail system. What differentiates Centuri Messaging from many other voice mail services is that we deliver the voice mail to you (see Message Delivery). By default, all messages are delivered to your existing e-mail account. Many services that are available deliver voice mail via e-mail but they require you to use a new e-mail account (their service) or force you to go to their website to listen to these messages. Centuri Messaging works with your e-mail accounts (up to 3 different e-mail addresses).

Message Delivery / Notification

Voice messages are delivered several ways. As mentioned before, our default delivery is through e-mail but they can also be delivered directly to any phone number you choose and when you choose. The number of attempts and the interval between attempts is configurable to meet your needs. We also deliver notification to pagers, both digital and analog. Messages are differentiated betweenNormaldelivery and Urgent delivery. A good example would be my account, which notifies my cell phone via text messaging for all messages, but urgent messages are delivered by a call to my cell phone. The service calls my cell phone, notifies me of an urgent message, and then requests my password. Once I enter the password, the message is then played.

Caller ID

Centuri Messaging captures the Caller ID for every message that is recorded. When you receive the voice mail through e-mail, the subject line will include the Caller ID for the message. If you dial-in to retrieve your message or if the message is delivered to you via a telephone call, you can press (#) to hear the Caller ID. Please note that Caller ID is not always available for many reasons outside of our control.

Return Call

Return Call works in conjunction with Caller ID by allowing you to be connected directly to the person who left you the message without having to initiate another call. It works like this; you are listening to a voice message and press (#) to hear the Caller ID, the service then asks you If the number is correct (press 1), to enter a different number (press 2). Either of these choices will then place a call to the number.


Dial-out is very similar to Return Call; the difference is you do not need to be listening to a message to make an outbound call. Think of this as a cordless calling card. All local calling areas are billed at .06 and long distance calls are billed at 9.9 cents per minute.

Conference Calling

Conference calling can be provided as an optional feature to your service. With this feature, you are able to initiate a conference call at anytime. It is password protected so unauthorized callers cannot use the feature without your participation. Conference calling is billed by the minute for each person on the conference call. The charge is 12 cents per minute per leg.

Change Availability

Centuri Messaging allows you to change your availability anytime anywhere from any telephone. When you change your availability to unavailable, the service will send all calls to voice mail until you change it back available.

Sub-Menus / Auto Attendant

Most of us are familiar with this feature; it allows you to direct callers based on the digits they press. I.e. (Press 1) for Sales, (Press 2) for Service. We will help you design a completely customized solution that fits your needs. For a live demo of this feature, feel free to call us at 800-752-1386


With Centuri Messaging, you have complete control of when, where and how callers reach you. You choose your schedule and what phone numbers the service uses to reach you and you can change it anytime anywhere by going to our website

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