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How do I decide if I should use ASI’s technology or purchase my own system?
How hard is it to customize?
Can I create my own directory of fax numbers?
Can I have my own telephone number?
How does it work?
Can the system give notification when I receive a fax?
How can fax messaging make my company more productive?
Why should I use fax messaging?
How can fax messaging make my company more productive?
Q. How do I decide if I should use ASI’s technology or purchase my own system?
A. The biggest factors are cost and flexibility. A purchased system requires a LARGE initial investment, involves HIGH Operating costs to maintain, and will become obsolete rather quickly. With ASI’s technology, you pay only for the services you require and they can be changed with a moment’s notice. You will have all of the features of a large shared system with out the HIGH COSTS!
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Q. How hard it it to customize?
A. Like a set of building blocks, various types of fax, voice/fax-messaging services can be assembled. With the help of one of our qualified consultants, we can create a custom application to meet your needs. In addition, the system is easy to use through its built-in menu system. This flexibility and economy makes ASI the ideal solutions for today’s small business.
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Q. Can I create my own directory of fax numbers?
A. Yes, you can create a name directory that allows callers to search by name. If the name is found, the system will automatically connect to that extension.
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Q. Can I have my own telephone number?
A. Each Answering Service, Inc. fax, voice/fax messaging box can have its own telephone number. This means calls can be forwarded from another telephone number or received by directly dialing the fax, voice/fax mailbox telephone number. You may transfer your fax messages from any touch tone telephone, anywhere in the world!
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Q. How does it work?
A. Answering Service, Inc. provides an amazing fax messaging service. No equipment is installed at your business. Your existing telephone system is linked to the ASI master system via a local phone number on the worldwide telephone network you are currently using. As result, you share the features of a large “commercial” fax messaging system with thousands of other users. To check your messages, you simply call a local number, enter your password and follow the easy to use menus.
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Q. Can the system give notification when I receive a fax?
A. Yes. You can set up options to have the voicemail system send a page when someone leaves a fax message. The page is easy to understand, too. It will provide the box number of the voice mail that received the page (in case you have multiple boxes) as well as the total number of fax messages in the box.
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Q. How can fax messaging make my company more productive?
A. It makes your receptionist more productive: With fax messaging from ASI, your recep-tionist doesn’t have to answer the fax machine, determine who the fax is for, and instead of trying to deliver the fax message. Your receptionist can give the caller the option of leaving a fax, voice/fax message directly to the correct person. Ensuring complete confidentially.
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Q. Why should I use fax messaging?
A. Like computers and the voice messaging machines, fax and voice/fax messaging is becoming a standard part of doing business. Fax Messaging increases your workers productivity and makes it easier for customers to do business with you! When properly implemented, voice-messaging keeps the “personal touch” needed in today’s changing business world.
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Q. What are the advantages of using fax messaging?
It respects your customers time: When given the opportunity, most customers prefer to send a detailed fax message on voice/fax mail at a time that is convenient for them, rather than an incomplete written message. They realize a voice/fax mail message can best express what they want. The customer’s time is not wasted playing telephone tag. It can help your customers after-hours: Customers who call after hours are assured their fax messages get prompt attention when your doors open. Service companies and the medical community may want “emergency” fax messages forward to a different location, with pager alert, ASI can even notify several pagers (cascade paging). Improves interoffice communications: Voice/Fax messaging can also be used to communicate messages within your company. Each fax messages is Date and Time ”Stamped” and can be saved or transferred to another messaging box with additional comments. The sender can not only be notified when the fax message was received, but can control when the message is to be delivered. The same message can be sent to a group of fax mailboxes or fax machines at the same time.
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