Answering Service Testimonials


H.A. Sun Heating & Cooling
Duke & Duke Services, Inc.
Bassett & Bassett Inc.
H. A. Sun Heating & Cooling
Bloomfield Hills, MI
We have depended on Answering Service’s quality service for over twenty years. ¦ Quick response to our client calls ¦ Professional handling of calls taken and dispatched.
Lee Weinstein, Manager
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Duke& Duke Services, Inc.
Taylor, MI
We wouldn’t know what to do without you. Your operators understand our account.
Judy Campbell, Office Manager
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Bassett & Bassett Inc.
Detroit, MI
We’ve been with you since 1973. ¦ Everything is going great with the
Service. ¦ We’re depending on you even more now.
Leland K. Bassett, Chairman and CEO
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